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About ITBO

The ITBO company was founded in 2010, with the goal to offer the customers the expertise in the area of information technology, business processes and business consulting. The founders of the company are experts in their areas, with extensive professional experience. With us, we bring the knowledge from different areas of IT and business consulting, acquired on projects for clients of different sizes and complexity. The company vision is to be recognized in the market as a reliable consultant and implementer in the area of business solutions.

Previous engagements and the list of satisfied clients represent our best recommendation. The knowledge of business processes and operational demands of a business are the basis upon which we build solutions for business users. The work of our company is divided into two areas of expertise: information technologies and business consulting. Our experience in these two areas is used to help our clients find the best solutions for their business challenges.

Detailed knowledge of IT technologies on one side and knowledge of finances and business on the other, enable us to have an all-encompassing approach to business challenges and finding optimal solutions. Experience shows that a combined effort of both the IT and the financial team yields significantly better results than individual efforts of each of the teams. We consider this kind of expertise notably distinguishes us in the market.