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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies which shape raw data into understandable and useful information. Timely acquired information is vital for making the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions, making BI systems an irreplaceable link in the decision making process and running a successful business.

ITBO implements business intelligence solutions based on software from world leading vendors, IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects. Based on business demands, the ready-made software products are adapted to suit the particular business needs of each individual client.

Business intelligence provides historic insights, current views and forecasts about future trends in business operations. The primary advantages of using business intelligence systems are:

  • business decision making based on facts, and not hunches and speculations
  • timely acquiring the answers to key business issues
  • having an overview of key performance indicators and information when and where you need it
  • insight into and analysis of habits and traits of business partners (customers and suppliers)
  • identifying the opportunities for expansion and improvement (cross sale and up sale) of business relations with partners
  • improved efficiency of your business
  • achieving "a single version of truth"
  • insight into the state of your business, where you are now and where you are heading to

In technological terms, business intelligence systems can use data stored into data warehouses, or they can connect directly to variety of data sources (databases, Excel or other structured forms of data).