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Document Management Systems

A document management system (DMS) enables electronic document storage and managing the flow of electronic documents through business processes.

In addition to the standard function of electronic archive, the BusinessConnect solution, contains models of various business processes. During the implementation, the existing business processes are modeled and thus further improved. The flow of documents through the organization becomes transparent and several times faster. The flexibility and adjustability provided by the system significantly shortens the time required for implementation and makes later adjustments of the system much easier.

The solution can be integrated with various information systems that the client already has (ERP systems etc.). Integration can be achieved on the data exchange, document exchange and index exchange levels.

Implementation of DMS system has many benefits for the company:

  • reduced space requirements for the paper archive and related archiving costs
  • reduced expenses for paper, toner and printers
  • more flexible searching and shorter time needed to reach a document
  • improved efficiency and cooperation between the employees
  • accelerated process of work in the company
  • improved security of document access
  • improved control over processes and employees
  • keeping the intellectual property of the company safe.